A Study of the Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Dreaming
M. Jouvet and D. Jouvet Electroenceph. Clin. Neurophysiol. 1963 Suppl. 24



Part 1

I. Two EEG patterns of physiological sleep in intact cats

II. The neural structures responsible for RPS

III. Structures responsible for somato-vegetative phenomena

IV. Mechanisms of the Rhombencephalic Phase of Sleep

V. Ontogenesis of the RPS

Part 2

A. Normal subjects

B. Patients with brain lesions




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Fig. 18 : Sleep-wakefulness rhythm in a syndrome of decortication

Sleep-wakefulness rhythm in a syndrome
of decortication

Continuous recordings during 8 h (from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.). Vertical arrows signal brief interruption of the recording.

Abscissa: In black: EMG activity (biceps).

Black dots and interrupted line: respiration (per min). The irregularity of respiration is marked by small vertical lines on the respiratory curve.

White dots and solid line: Heart rate (per min).

Crosses: rapid eye movements.

Ordinate: Respiratory and heart rate (per min). Note the periodical appearance of RPS (25 per cent of the time) during which there are REM, cardiorespiratory variations and a total disappearance of the EMG.

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