A Study of the Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Dreaming
M. Jouvet and D. Jouvet Electroenceph. Clin. Neurophysiol. 1963 Suppl. 24



Part 1

I. Two EEG patterns of physiological sleep in intact cats

II. The neural structures responsible for RPS

III. Structures responsible for somato-vegetative phenomena

IV. Mechanisms of the Rhombencephalic Phase of Sleep

V. Ontogenesis of the RPS

Part 2

A. Normal subjects

B. Patients with brain lesions




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Fig. 15: Periodicity of RPS and "depth" of sleep

Periodicity of RPS and depth of sleep

All night's sleep of 8 h 20 min duration in a normal adult. It is interrupted by four periods of RPS whose duration is 28 per cent of sleep.

Ordinate: E, arousal;

1-2-3-4, the four stages of sleep, and RPS (PRS).

Scale (in V) of the stimulator which triggered a loud speaker (1000 c/sec tone).

The white dots signal auditory stimulation which did not arouse the subject.

The black dots, auditory stimuli which did arouse the subject without recall of dream.

Black triangles, recall of dreams.

The two diagrams are continuous.

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