A Study of the Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Dreaming
M. Jouvet and D. Jouvet Electroenceph. Clin. Neurophysiol. 1963 Suppl. 24



Part 1

I. Two EEG patterns of physiological sleep in intact cats

II. The neural structures responsible for RPS

III. Structures responsible for somato-vegetative phenomena

IV. Mechanisms of the Rhombencephalic Phase of Sleep

V. Ontogenesis of the RPS

Part 2

A. Normal subjects

B. Patients with brain lesions




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Fig. 11 : Triggering off RPS in an intact chronic cat

Triggering off RPS in an intact chronic

The horizontal line (S) signals the stimulation of the pontine reticular formation (300/sec; 1 msec pulses; 0.8 V; bipolar) for 11 sec during SPS. Note the appearance of fast activity at the cortical and reticular level, the total disappearance of the EMG activity of the neck muscles (EMG), the acceleration and irregularity of the respiration (Resp), and the appearance of rapid eye movements (O). This RPS lasted for 10 min. The same phenomenon was reproduced five times in this session. The two recordings I and II are continuous.

  • CSM: Sensory motor cortex;
  • CA: Acoustic cortex;
  • FR: mesencephalic reticular formation.

Scale: 2 sec, 50 microV.

From Jouvet et al. (1960).

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