Biogenic Amines and the States of Sleep
Michel Jouvet
Science 163 (862) pages : 32-41 (1969)


The Four Major Concepts

Biogenic Amines and the Sleep States

Insomnia Following Selective Decrease of Cerebral Serotonin

The Problem of Paradoxical Sleep



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Figure 4 : Subtotal lesion of the raphe system in the cat

Rostral section at the level of ( 1) the raphe centralis superior and dorsalis nuclei, (2) the raphe pontis, and (3 and 4) the raphe magmls and pallidus. The mean percentage of slow-wave sleep for this particular cat was 8 percent; it manifested no paradoxical sleep during 12 days of recording. (B) Rostral sections of the pons: ( 1) Glenner coloration shows the monoamine oxidase (dark areas) in the nucleus locus coeruleus, in the nuclei parabrachialis medialis and lateralis, and, to a lesser extent, in the raphe system (2) bilateral destruction of the nuclells locus coeruleus which selectively suppresses paradoxical sleep.

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